“Basic education is not just an arrangement for training to develop skills (important as that is), it is also a recognition of the nature of the world, with its diversity and richness, and an appreciation of the importance of freedom and reasoning as well as friendship. The need for that understanding – that vision – has never been stronger.” 
 – Amartya Sen

We believe that education is key to development and that the freedom to be able to go to school is one of the most important freedoms one can have. That is why in January 2019, the Amartya Foundation launches a new project: school sponsorships for adults and children.

But it is not like any other foundation sponsoring children to go to school. We do things a bit differently. Together with Zongwe Farming Enterprises, a farm in the Siansowa community, we have come up with a scheme that allows both adults and children to benefit from primary and/or secondary education.

The Amartya Foundation stands for pride, ownership and self-reliance rather than dependency and aid. That is why we will sponsor Zongwe workers that are going to night school after work, and Zongwe will deduct K10 (1 dollar) from their salary every month. This K10 will go towards sponsoring children in the community whose parents struggle to pay for school fees, uniforms and lesson materials. This way, the children can look at the Zongwe worker and see who is helping them with their education, instead of it just being some European person they do not know anything about.

The first Zongwe worker we started sponsoring is David Chibamba, whose monthly contribution will go towards sisters Macleaner and Litre’s education, who will be starting grade 3 and 1 respectively. By sponsoring Zongwe workers who after their work days go to night school, we kickstart a chain of sponsorships and in doing so hope to create a community of people that lift each other up: a community based on inspiration and respect.

After David, another 15 Zongwe workers registered to our programme!